The UTP principle is based on the understanding that people are the most important resource!

  • We have over 1500 successful specialists working with us, which are the main component of the Company's success formula.


  • We strive to be leaders and therefore continue to search for new talented employees, with great personal and professional potential, ambitious and responsible, ready to go to their goal and not afraid of obstacles that may arise in their path

We offer our employees: 

  • work at a large reliable company;
  • social guarantees, competitive compensation package, timely payment of wages;
  • we provide decent wages and social guarantees in accordance with the labor laws of Ukraine - for us an important contribution of each employee to the overall result. By regularly monitoring the situation on the labor market, we guarantee fair and competitive wages and, importantly, timely payment. The principle of payment is constructed in such a way that in addition to its permanent part, there is a variable - it is different bonuses and bonuses that are directly dependent on the effectiveness of the employee. It is important for us that better, productive employees receive more;
  • in our company implements all the social guarantees and benefits stipulated by the Labor Law Code, and we constantly increase the level of social protection of our employees. For example, compensation of fuels and lubricants, payment of financial assistance in different situations of life;
  • professional and career growth;
  • providing the necessary conditions for self-realization, comfortable working conditions; We create such working conditions for our employees that allow them to achieve the best results in their work. For this purpose they are provided with all the necessary tools: modern office equipment, the latest IT-developments, mobile communication. If necessary, daily delivery of workers to the place of work and free accommodation at the hostel will be organized. Ensuring a healthy and safe working environment is a must for all our processes, services and projects.
  • interesting and ambitious tasks;
  • opportunity to start your career start under the guidance of experienced mentors. The Company pays great attention to adapting new employees. For them the procedure of introduction and introduction to the company is developed. For employees who have been accepted or transferred to key management positions, a mentoring system has been developed and applied, which allows them to train employees in a new position most effectively and to ensure continuity in management.

To determine the level of professionalism and development potential of employees, a staff evaluation is conducted annually. Assessment is done by defining employees' corporate competencies and standards of effective behavior, as well as evaluating the professional knowledge of employees in each position. According to the results of the evaluation, a reserve pool is formed, that is, a list of the best employees, who can further apply for management positions in the company, as well as receive further training in order to improve their skills.


If you are interested in working in our Company, you can send your CV to:

Klachkova Kristina, e-Mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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