"UTP", as the largest distributor in the Ukrainian market, has all the necessary logistic capacities and resources to meet the needs of our partners in the high-quality distribution of goods.

Management of logistics processes in the Company covers 3 areas:
  • Inventory management 
  • Storage and processing of inventory (warehouse logistics) 
  • Delivery management (transport logistics)
  • Warehouses of UTP enterprises are equipped with modern multi-tiered rack equipment and loading electrical equipment. 
  • The logistics resource of the UTP Enterprise serves about 15,000 outlets.
  • Using the online transport logistics automation service “Ant Logistics” (ANT-Logistics), delivery routes are automatically planned. 
  •   We provide optimal, timely and uninterrupted delivery of goods for all customers, taking into account the time limits of delivery of goods in the TT-requirements of the client.
  • The service also implements GPS monitoring of the actual traffic; 
  • All vehicles are equipped with GPS-smart modules, which allows you to quickly control the timeliness of delivery of goods.
  • The mobile application gives the driver the opportunity to always see the route formed by the company's logistician; 
  • The software allows the most efficient use of storage space, saves time on the selection, movement and loading of goods. 
  • The capacity of UTP is up to 650 tons of goods per day.

The use of the Navy-Sedna automated warehouse management system allows you to efficiently plan the processes of picking and loading customer orders depending on conditions - customer requirements for the shelf life of the goods.

Our warehouses operate around the clock, so that the delivery of goods to the client is carried out within 24 hours from the time of order.
Warehouses are equipped with security systems and video surveillance, which maximally ensures the safety of goods in the warehouse.