The use of modern information technologies in distribution significantly reduces and accelerates the path of movement of goods from producer to consumer. At the same time, rapid transfer of information both within the enterprise and outside it is of great importance in minimizing the movement of goods.

Our company, accordingly, is one of the first in the market to successfully introduce advanced IT technologies.

A modern distribution company cannot do without systems such as:

- Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

    UTP is integrated with several EDI providers and makes full use of electronic data exchange systems.

This technology guarantees both the correct transfer of documents and their delivery to recipients. At the same time, the reliability and confidentiality of the transmitted information is ensured.


- Mobile trading system

 As mobile trading systems we use both our own solutions and products - the market leaders of Ukraine in this segment (SoftServe SalesWorks)

   Subsystems fully automate the work of sales representatives - from collecting orders for a smartphone or tablet at retail points (pre-selling), trading from wheels (van-selling), merchandising, and to controlling and planning a route using GPS positioning

Own solution allows manufacturers to use the distributor’s mobile trading system for free, thus eliminating investment in third-party products.

If necessary, the API ERP-system allows you to quickly integrate any third-party subsystem of mobile commerce.


- Traffic control system for sales agents and drivers

    Using tracking by GPS coordinates allows you to control the time and route of movement of the sales agent or driver. This information is used to control the quality of collection of applications and fuel consumption, for example. Quality control allows us to orient and motivate staff to more intensive efforts and increase their discipline.дисциплину.

 High-quality control allows us to orient and motivate personnel to more intensive efforts and increase their discipline.

- Route planning

    Automation of transport logistics includes: planning optimal routes, monitoring routes, full control over the expenditure side, plan-fact analysis.

 Automation of transport logistics includes: planning optimal routes, monitoring routes, full control over the expenditure side, plan-fact analysis.


  - Security and access control systems

    We use access control and management systems in our offices and warehouses in conjunction with video surveillance systems. This ensures guaranteed security of our facilities.


- Smart Warehouse Systems

    Warehouse management systems (WMS) have been implemented in all the company's warehouses. This allowed us to improve the processes of warehousing and to carry out quick and error-free accounting of goods..


Automated operations such as: moving, receiving, shipping and storage of products. The software package is based on bar coding technologies and allows accurate product accounting using a data collection terminal, WiFi equipment and software.

This is not a complete list of the modern technologies used by us used in our difficult distribution business. To organize our work, we also use: ip telephony, video conferencing, uninterruptible power supply systems, cloud technologies, etc. Etc.

To quickly respond to IT problems, a special technical support department has been created, which works around the clock and is always ready to help to resolve any technical issue. Requests are recorded using the Help Desk system.



Functional Benefits of Own Mobile Trading System:

  • the ability to control the sale price both at the level of an individual commodity position for a particular customer, and at the level of product category and customer category
  • fixing GPS coordinates with support for data transfer and displaying the route of the trading agent and the position of outlets
  • easy scalability of the system in the context of trading teams and product range
  • availability of applications for PDAs / tablets based on Android OS and applications for laptops / netbooks based on Windows.